In 1980 when Matt “Mods” Modleski joined the Air Force, less than 100 Americans had served as Thunderbird demonstration pilots. In The American Dream, you’ll learn about Matt’s journey to join them. See how a small town boy from a working middle class family, had the audacity to dream big, and rose from the enlisted ranks to fly as a Thunderbird pilot! You’ll follow Matt though the mischievous adventures of his youth, and see firsthand an unwavering persistence to overcome obstacles. But Matt’s journey doesn’t stop there. And in the second half of this book, you’ll learn about his dream for the America he wants to leave to our children and grand children. It’s a big dream, built on the core American values of family, faith, competitive spirit, perseverance and accountability. Whether you’re joining Matt in the cockpit of his F-16, or navigating through his vision of the way forward for America, you’ll be happy you decided to ride along! Read more

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About Matthew Modleski

Matt was born in East Chatham, New York. There he learned the values of family, faith, perseverance and big dreams. Matt enlisted in the Air Force at age seventeen, and served as jet engine mechanic and air traffic controller, before earning his commission in 1987. He is a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross... Read more

Excerpt from the Book

“Standby hack, let’s hack now.” Russ Quinn had just given me my 32-second warning, and I counted to myself, one, two, and then I pressed my stopwatch and watched the second hand begin to sweep. Read more

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